Family Groups

At Yarlside Academy we operate a Family Group House system. We decided to introduce this as we wanted the children and staff to work more collaboratively across all the Year Groups. The School Council decided upon having 8 Family Groups and wanted our groups to be unique to our school. They decided to call each one after a different tree/shrub as most of the local roads on the Holbeck estate are also named after trees. We used the word YARLSIDE and each groups starts with one of the letters from the school name.

Y - Yew
A – Acorn
R - Rowan
L - Lancewood
S - Spruce
I – Ilex
D – Dogwood
E – Elder

The children work in these groups at various times throughout the school year providing support, collaboration and friendship. The Family groups are also used for Sport’s Day as each group has a specific colour assigned to them.

The children in Reception are allocated a Year 6 and a Year 2 Buddy. The older children help the Reception child settle into school and support them throughout the school day at times such as Dinner time and play time. It is also an opportunity for our older children to have some responsibility and become role models.