Behaviour & Discipline

At Yarlside Academy we have extremely high expectations of children’s behaviour. Children take an active role in setting both the whole school rules and their own class rules.

We believe that the most effective way of promoting good behaviour is through positive reinforcement. Within each classroom many positive strategies are used. These include using stickers, points, certificates, verbal and written praise and monthly Work of the Month Celebration where parents/grandparents are invited in to share celebrations. Each term we also reward points winners with an exciting trip out of school.

As a consequence for breaking school rules or unacceptable behaviour we use a whole school behaviour board system to ensure consistency for pupils throughout the school. Children are firstly given a warning (sad face) and informed, with a clear explanation of why their behaviour is inappropriate. This will be followed by a yellow card for repeated behaviour and finally a red card for a continuation of unacceptable behaviour. On receiving a red card children are sent to the Headteacher to discuss school rules and expectations.

Bullying is not accepted at Yarlside Academy. Any incidents are dealt with promptly in line with our ‘anti-bullying policy’ and parents are always contacted.