'Big Maths'

‘Big Maths’ is a key part of our mathematics curriculum. The focus is very much on developing core numeracy skills, learning tables securely and early, applying existing knowledge into new contexts and developing both mental and formal calculation strategies. The children will learn through daily Big Maths ‘CLIC’ (Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation) and 'SAFE' (Shape, Amounts, Fractions and Explaining data) sessions and the weekly ‘Beat That!’ challenges.

The Big Maths teaching approach provides children with a fun and lively experience. Particularly in KS1, children learn through jingles, songs, games and the Big Maths characters. Don't be surprised if they come home talking about Clic, Pom, Pim, Squigglesworth or Count Fourways.

Part of the framework is something called ‘Learn Its’, which are addition bonds and times tables that the children are expected to know off by heart without working them out. They are organised into ‘Steps’ from Step 1 to Step 15 and each step includes a few addition bonds and later on, times tables too.

The children will complete a regular ‘Learn Its Beat That Challenge’ which is a timed test of the addition bonds and times tables that they have learnt. They are all mixed up and the time is very quick, so they have to know them off by heart in order to finish the test. Once the children have achieved full marks, they can then move on to the next step.

The aim is for the children to beat their own score each time and they receive rewards for achieving this. Parents are expected to help their child learn their ‘Learn Its’ homework as often as possible.


Maths Tips

Topmarks is a fantastic website for learning timestables and number facts with many interactive games for the children to enjoy.



Rock Stars

Rock Stars is a fantastic interactive game where children can competitively learn their times tables and division facts.  All children have their own 'log in' details and the website can be found at: