Welcome to Reception Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Preston

 Email: kathrynpreston@yarlsideacademy.org

Teaching Assistants: Miss Richardson, Miss Shannon and Mrs Holmes 




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During our topic we will be finding out:
What things grow?
How plants and animals change when they grow?
What they need to grow?
How different things grow?


This term we will be focussing on:

  • Counting objects accurately up to 20

  • Learn-its 3+3, 4+4 and 5+5 - Step 2

  • Doubling without crossing 10

  • Ordering numbers to 20

  • Adding one more and one less

  • Early division - sharing out objects equally

  • CLIC 2


Physical Education

Our PE days this Half Term will be on Monday's & Thursday's. We are dancing to the story of the Jack and the Beanstalk and having our 'Fast and fitness' sessions.