Class Teacher: Miss Ripley

Senior Teaching Assistant: Mrs Watts


This term, our topic is: Invaders and Settlers. We will be studying the Romans in the first half term and the Anglo-Saxons in the second half term. 

Throughout this topic in the first half term, the children will explore the life of a Roman, design and create a Roman shield and also link their physical education by playing Hockey, taught as an invasion game.     

Into the second half term, children will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons.           

Swimming and PE:


Swimming sessions take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Our other PE lesson takes place on a Thursday afternoon in school. Please ensure that children have their full PE/swimming kit in school on these days, long hair to be tied back and no jewellery is to be worn. Trainers will be needed on a Thursday for an outdoor PE session (weather dependent). 


Year 4 - Autumn 1 Newsletter

Year 4 - Autumn 2 Newsletter



As mentioned in the Autumn 1 newsletter, it is important that your child is reading regularly at home. In Year 4, children are expected to read at least 5 times a week for about 10 minutes. Please use this time to discuss the book and ask appropriate questions to further develop comprehension skills. Reading can be done independently, although it is still important that your child reads aloud regularly too. Please ensure that comments are added to your child's reading record. Reading records should be in school each day as they are checked each Tuesday but they are used to support communication between home and school too.

CLIC, Learn Its and SAFE:

CLIC and Learn Its are tested each Tuesday morning. The sheets will be taken home on a Tuesday after school and children are expected to practise any incorrect questions in preparation for the following week.

Likewise, the SAFE worksheets are completed each Friday morning and are taken home on a Friday after school. 

Learn Its Homework

High Frequency Words:

Each half term, children will be tested on a set of High Frequency words (there are 6 lists in total). These words appear frequently in their reading books as children move through the school. We will identify the words your child needs to learn and they will be able to practise them during registration time each Thursday morning.

High Frequency Words List


Each Monday, children are introduced to their spelling focus and pattern. They will be given tips on how to remember to use the pattern and any rules that may apply. There are three spelling groups this term.

Please find your group's spellings from the correct table below for this week (10/12/2018). The red and orange words for this week are also listed below.

Group 1

Adding –un, -dis, -im, -il and –in


Before root words beginning with r, the prefix in- becomes ir-.  It changes a word to give its opposite meaning.

irrelevant irregular irresponsible unfair
untidy unfair unkind impractical
impatient impolite incorrect disconnect

Group 2
Adding –un, -dis, -im, -il and –in

Before root words beginning with r, the prefix in- becomes ir-.  It changes a word to give its opposite meaning.


unfair disagree impractical illogical incorrect
disconnect imperfect untidy unfair disappear

Group 3

Adding the prefix anti-


The prefix anti- means ‘against’ or ‘opposite’. We can just add it to the front of a root word without changing its spelling.

anticlockwise antiseptic antifreeze antisocial anti-climax
antibiotic antibacterial antihero antidote antidandruff

Orange Words

bicycle certain decide
describe different experiment

Red Words

anyone father
wear wild