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Class Teacher: Mrs Reid

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Caskie 

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Be Our Guest
Junk Modelling letter 26/09/17
Dock Museum and swimming letter 6/10/17
Times Tables Letter 10/11/17
Swimming Certificate Letter 15/11/17
Chetwynde Letter 29.1.18
South Cumbria Music Festival 9/2/18
UVHS Taster Day 5th March
Mama by Jonas Blue lyrics

If any parents/grandparents are able to come into school on a regular basis to listen to readers, then I would be very grateful.  This can be either in a morning or an afternoon - whatever suits you best.  Thank you.

This Term's Topic: The Terrible Tudors






MONDAY Reading/Spellings/Learn Its and times tables.
TUESDAY Reading/Spellings/Learn Its and times tables.
CLIC sheet- practise any mistakes you have made.
WEDNESDAY Reading/Spellings/Learn Its and times tables.
THURSDAY Reading/Spellings/Learn Its and times tables.
SAFE sheet - practise any mistakes you have made
FRIDAY Reading/Learn Its and times tables.


This week's spellings:  Orange Group 1
                                        Orange Group 2
Red Words: walk, beautiful, Christmas, what, once, tall
Orange Words: potatoes, suppose, separate, woman, busy, material                               
High Frequency Word Lists

Learn its

Times Tables List

Maths Homework letter to parents

Short division homework 15.9.17

Long Multiplication Steps

Long multiplication homework 22.9.17

Halving homework 22.9.17

Measurement Facts 30.10.17

Amounts Facts 8.1.18

Percentage Learn Its 16.4.18

Check out the website Interactive Resources to help improve your maths skills. 

Don't forget to enter the username and password we use in school.   

Practise your Times Tables for the week by playing Hit The Button

  Each child now has their own set of times tables to learn at home each week.





Costume Letter and Abbey Musical Production of Cats.

Letter to Parents 13/03/18

If you would like your child to see Abbey Musical's version of CATS at the Forum, please send in payment of £5 no later than Wednesday 31st January.


Jellicle Cats
The Naming of Cats
The Rum Tum Tugger
Old Gumbie Cat
Entry of Grizabella
Bustopher Jones
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser
Old Deuteronomy
The Song of the Jellicles
Macavity the Mystery Cat
Magical Mr Mistoffelees
Journey to the Heavyside Layer
The addressing of Cats


Letter re tickets and costumes